Base-2: A Space to Explore Math

Introductions: Tell Us About Yourself

Tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from, what is your interest and experience in math, and maybe an interesting fact outside of the math realm.

I’m Chris. I live in the mountains of Montana in the USA. I’ve been fascinated with mathematics for about 25 years, mostly exploring the fundamental topics in number theory and combinatorics. While I received a basic math education while getting a computer science degree many years ago, lately I’ve been trying to up my game by taking classes at the local university, mostly in linear and abstract algebra.

To pump oxygen into my brain, I play and coach a game called hurling, the national sport of Ireland.

Hi, I am Ilias! I am researcher in theoretical physics of condensed matter. I am interesting in maths and specifically in discrete maths since it is part of my work. My work concerns quantum one electron and many body systems in lattices(discrete space). In many body systems combinatorics is an essential and compact mathematical tool which through other physical measures like quantum entanglement(a measure of the quantume corellations ) can be used to describe their electronic properties e.g. finding new kind of phases!

In my free time, I prefer to listen metal and ambient style of music. Also, I excersise alot and I like martial arts :slight_smile:

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Hi all,
I’m Alain. I’m French. I live in Burgundy. Not very far from Chablis. You may be familiar with this name.
I’m an engineer. I worked as a computer scientist in commercial companies. Now I teach computer science and mathematics to adults. Like you, I guess, I like math. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. With programming in Python or SageMaths.
Outside of work, I like to ride motorcycles in different countries in Europe (Portugal, Spain Italy). But also look at carrots and potatoes in my garden.


Hi all,
I am Peter . I am a physicist, my subject in university was fluid-dynamics. I have worked as a system designer for 35 years. Now I am retired. I am German, my location is near the baltic sea in Schleswig-Holstein.

I am interested in discrete math, so I logged in into n.j.wildbergers course in openlearning.
I want to relearn writing up math correctly, during my years with computer programming I neglegted it too much. The topic is interesting, so I logged in.

Because I have no connections to university since then, I am searching for other ways to discuss interesting math problems.

Sorry, Chris, I first tried, but this was wrong, there is no such alias. This morning I tried , everything is ok. Setting up this forum is great!


Glad you made it here, Peter. Communicating about this forum on YouTube has proven very challenging as YouTube does not want any discussion of other sites in the comments and the comment-monitoring algorithms are quite sophisticated. Given this fact, growth of our little community here has been slow. But every new member is progress!

We have two discussions going so far about two of Norman’s courses. Please feel free to jump into a discussion. And if there are other subjects you might be interested in exploring, please suggest them.


Hi everybody,
I’m Gianfranco Oldani, I’m mathematician graduated from Geneva University in Switzerland in the domain of number theory (Partitions). I worked as a mathematician in he industry for several years and shifted as a math teacher for the end of my career.

I’m a forever learner, curiosity is my biggest fault…;o))). I love also painting (oil), reading and travelling. I plan to start a world tour next year which will start by the mythical transsiberian …

The three movies that I will bring with me on an isolated island would be:

  1. Jeremaia Johnson (Sidney Pollack)
  2. The Name of the Rose (JJ Annaud)
  3. 2001 Space odyssey (S. Kubrick)

Hope we will have great discussion around this very fascinating subject of games on graphs.



Hi everybody. I’m Jamie, I live in Sydney Australia. I found this conversation thread on the latest graphs video and made my way here - it is so cool that this has been set up, have been wondering for a while if there some way to share code and ideas while working through this, awesome!

My background is varied I guess, I originally studied music and did my PhD in that field, but have always loved mathematics and computer science. I worked as a software developer but in the last few years have moved into the data science space in health. Research interest wise, I am into machine learning/intelligence, but probably more from the standpoint of neuroscience (like the Heirachical Temporal Memory kind of stuff). Currently I am using Python for most of this type of stuff, so its great so see people in the posts using that too

Thanks again for setting this up, looking forward to the discussion on graphs!

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Welcome man!please free to post ur thoughts and comment :upside_down_face:!

Hi, I’m Kevin. I am American. I love mathematics, music, and art. My undergraduate degree is in Fine Art. I got involved with math during this time in a research sort of way since some very cool topics could be entered with modest prerequisites. I then pursued a second degree in math and got about 3/4 of the way through until I ran out of $$$. Currently am involved with technical art in the domain of computer entertainment. My goals are to be involved with math research in whatever fashion best suits my life. This could be a graduate school or something more independent or something with qualities of both. Topics of interests are Dynamical Systems, Discrete Math, Geometry, Number Theory, Topology.

For both cardio-joy and creativity-joy, I play the drums.